July 2013

Transportation Alternatives Program in Danger

Contact our Senators and ask them to vote NO on Senate Amendment 1742 to Senate Bill 1243. Trail money is hard to come by and this could be disastrous for trails. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is planning to offer an amendment – Senate Amendment 1742 -- to the Transportation Appropriations bill (Senate Bill 1243) to transfer all funding from the Transportation Alternatives Program to pay for bridge repairs instead. The Transportation Alternatives Program includes all the funding for the Recreational Trails Program, a vital trails program in NC. It doesn't take long...will you help?   --See the link below

U.S. Senate Home Page:  www.senate.gov

Late August Update: No action has been taken by the Senate on Senate Amendment 1742On August 1st, just prior to Congress' Summer recess, a cloture motion on S. 1243 was rejected 54-43 (60 votes FOR were required) so S.1243 is still alive and more debate is allowed before a vote is taken on this Bill. The Senate recovenes on September 9th.

South Fork Trail Added to Our Trails Listing

We've obtained some new images and information about the South Fork Trail, a very picturesque component of the Thread Trail system located in Lincoln County. The South Fork Rail Trail is a combination of natural surface and crushed gravel trail providing nice terraced views of the South Fork of the Catawba River. The trail begins directly to the left of the parking lot access off of Laboratory Road in Lincolnton and extends for approximately 0.8 miles of flat hiking. See our map to locate this trail and our new profile of South Fork for a description and images of this trail and parking information.

Kings Mountain Trail Added to Our Trails Listing

The Kings Mountain Gateway Trail Inc. opened in November 2009. The Trail is owned by Cleveland County and is managed by the Kings Mountain Gateway Trails Board and Committee. It is part of the Carolina Thread Trail system and a part of the North Carolina Rail Trail system. There are 4 different trails all joining together; the Cardio, the Plateau, the Rail Trail, and the Foote Trail; about 5 ½ miles total. About 2 more miles will be added in 2013 and 2014.  Approximately 10,000 to 12,000 people use the trail per month. For more on this diverse, urban trail see our profile of the Kings Mountain Gateway Trail.