Irwin-Stewart Creek Greenway

2.93 mile trail located in Mecklenberg County.

The urban portion of the Irwin-Stewart Creek Greenway is about 2.1 miles, .75 miles of which on a former rail corridor along Stewart Creek. This is directly north and west of downtown and walkable from many downtown locations and the inner city neighborhood of Wesley Heights. There is another non-contiguous section of Irwin-Stewart Creek Greenway , Remount-to-Clanton. It is not on a rail corridor. It's about .83 miles, so the total for the Irwin-Stewart Greenway is a non-contiguous 2.93 miles.

Terminus trailheads for the urban section are at Bruns Avenue Elementary School (northwest terminus), Irwin Avenue Elementary School/Ray's Splash Planet (northeast terminus) and Freedom Drive at Woodruff Place (west terminus).



photos courtesy of Nancy Pierce