December 2009

California Rail-with-Trails: A Survey of Rail-with-Trails Along Active Rail Lines

The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy has just released a report presenting the results of a survey of 21 rail-with-trail projects in California. The report summarizes several questionnaires dealing with areas such as safety, liability issues, characteristics of adjacent railroads, design issues, trail funding and additional resources. Click here to download this PDF report.

Renewal of Recreational Trails Program (RTP)

The SAFETEA-LU transportation legislation that authorizes the RTP expired September 30, 2009!  This program has been provided support to many of North Carolina's rail-trails and would seriously impact future trail development should the program not be re-authorized. To find out more about the possible reauthorization of the RTP, go to the American Trails Site for the latest information. The trails community is watching closely for the next federal Transportation Authorization bill which will affect the funding for ALL the trail related programs funded through the Federal Highway Administration. The Rail to Trails Conservancy is supporting S. 575. For more information about this bill and what it does, follow this link to RTC's Page on S. 575

Appeal Letter and Short Report of 2009 Activities

As the year draws to a close we wanted to let our members and other rail-trail supporters know that we have been quite active over the past year and see an even stronger program in 2010. We are making good progress towards hiring a part-time Executive Director (ED) for NCRT. Over the long-term we believe an ED will strengthen our outreach and support efforts and should lead to enhanced partnering around the State. Please take a look at this brief Summary of 2009 Activities and consider joining NCRT or renewing your membership.